• I have worked with lots of choirs, but none of them had Hover's level and sound.


    Polish composer and conductor

  • The choir was wonderful. I am overwhelmed. In the piece “Jetzt immer Schnee” that the choir performed there is a small verse that is always read by man. When I learned it was to be read by woman's voice I felt a little worried. It was incredible, unforgettable how profoundly touching it sounded…

    Sofia Gubaidulina

    Russian composer

  • The performance of “The Sealed Angel” liturgy by Hover chamber choir conducted by Sona Hovhannisyan was amazing, simply fabulous. The choir prepared themselves iwardly, in their hearts. The concert hall was packed, people were standing in the aisles due to lack of seats. You could record live there. There exists an old tradition of sacred music in the Armenian culture.

    Rodion Shchedrin

    Russian composer and pianist

  • The members of the International Artistic Committee of the 4th World Showcase & Marketplace for choral singing Polyfollia 2010 as well as hundreds of present professionals (festival organizers, radios, key persons of the choral world, etc. from 23 countries) were particularly inpressed by the way Hover chamber choir had represented and defended the Armenian music all along the festival. The qualities of the choir in terms of vocal colour and pitch, its deep and living commitment, its presence on stage, as well as remarkable perosnal qualities of Sona Hovhannisyan as a choir conductor made Hover choir interpretations memorable for the very demanding audience of our festival both in the sacred original repertoire and in the contemporary music , and, moreover, in the remarkable repertoire linked to the roots of the Armenian culture.

    Jacques Vanherle

    Polyfollia – President & Artistic Director

  • It is my privilege to greet on behalf of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat the wonderful Hover Chamber Choir for being an outstanding cultural ambassador of Armenian choral music! Wishing much success to you all for your future activity. Also forwarding the best wishes of our president, Mr. Sante Fornasier and the Board of European Choral Association – Europa Cantat.

    Moczar Gabor

    Vice president of European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC)

  • During a number of years Hover chamber choir has been addressing the most difficult contemporary choral scores and interpreting them quite masterfully. In this respect Hover is a definite leader among the Armenian choirs.

    Anna Arevshatyan

    Doctor of Arts, professor. Newspaper “Golos Armenii” dated 18 September, 2008

  • Vesratile repertoire of Hover choir often oriented towards modern music, enriching the choral palette, contributes to performing pieces of diverse style. After recent successful interpretation of sacred compositions by Krzysztof Penderecki, Hover’s performance of “The Sealed Angel” by Rodion Shchedrin marked a new level of proficiency refining the art of performance in general. Discipline and constant perfection of vocal technique have secured the choir its honored reputation and recognition all over the world.

    Svetlana Sarkissyan

    Musicologist, Publicist, Doctor of Art history and Criticism, Professor of Yerevan State Conservatoire.

  • Hover chamber choir is indeed a uniqe phenomenon in the modern Armenian musical reality. Due to high level of proficiency and a unique interpretational manner typical to Hover, the choir has gained acclaim and appreciation not only in Armenia but also beyond its borders, spreading the art of the Armenian choral singing all over the world. Our mutual productive and enjoyable creative cooperation is bound to last.

    Eduard Topchyan

    Principle Conductor of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Hover choir is a unique phenomenon in the musical life of Armenia. The choir has always shown great professionalism in inconceivably difficult programs. Special interpretation of musical pieces peculiar to Hover has even impressed the authors, the world famous composers such as Krzysztof Penderecki, Rodion Shchedrin, Sofia Gubaidulina, Giya Kancheli, Bronius Kutavičius as well as other contemporary Armenian and international authors. Quite a few significant projects of Yerevan Perspectives international music festival have been realised in cooperation with Hover choir and world famous performers such as David Geringas, Robertas Servenikas, Mikhal Klauza, Gidon Kremer, Andres Mustonen.

    Stepan Rostomyan

    President of the Inernational Music Festival “Yerevan Perspectives”

“Hover” State Chamber Choir

“Hover” State Chamber Choir is open to all manifestations of chamber choral genre. The choir appeared with traditional as well as experimental projects of choral-theatrical, large-scale vocal-symphonic, operatic and chamber genres. The choir collaborates with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra (APO), the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia (NCOA), “Soloists' Ensemble” as well as with the “Yerevan Perspectives” festival.

The repertoire of the choir is versatile and diverse. “Hover” is the initiator and the first performer of a number of works by Armenian composers: V. Sharafian, A. Avanesov, A. Azizyan, S. Yerkanyan, Y. Yerkanyan, S. Babatorosyan.

The choir has recorded 7 CDs and 2 DVDs

"Hover" took part in recording soundtracks to “Ararat”, (director A. Egoyan) “La masseria delle Allodole” (The Lark Farm) – directors Taviani brothers, “Namus” (restored version of Arte studio), “Tevanik”, and others.

“Hover” choir appeared with concerts in Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Russia, Poland, Taiwan, Georgia, and Belgium. It has taken part in a number of competition-festivals. It appeared in prestigious concert halls: “Teatro Dal Verme”, “Cité de la Musique”, “Le Quartz”.

Hover's performances of compositions by S. Gubaidulina, R. Shchedrin, K. Penderecki, G. Kancheli, as well as a number of other prominent contemporary composers gained great appreciation. “Hover” Chamber Choir has appeared with a number of prominent musicians among them G. Kremer, A. Mustonen, R. Shervinikas, D. Geringas, J. Nelson, M. Klauza.

Starting from 2011 “Hover” continues its activity as a member of the National Center of Chamber Music.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its professional activity “Hover” Chamber Choir was awarded a Gold Medal of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia.

Starting from 2013 the General Sponsor of “Hover” State Chamber Choir has become VivaCell-MTS company (General Manager R. Yirikian). This circumstance initiated a new, significant stage for the choir promoting its creative activity, presenting conditions for realization of its versatile ideas and projects in full volume.

The choir was founded and has been conducted by Assistant Professor of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, Honored Worker of Art Sona Hovhannisyan.

Read More at WikipediaDownload full bio and repertoire

“Hover” Choral Ensemble

“Hover” choral ensemble was established within “Hover” State Chamber Choir. It is gathered from the leading singers of the choir, who are also orchestra musicians. It started to appear in Europe as “Armenian Voices” since January 2012.

Gevorg Avetisyan is one of the leading flutists of Armenian Philharmonic, State Youth orchestras and Opera Theatre orchestra. Kim Sargsyan is a violinist of Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Edgar Varosyan is not only singer, but also a pianist and makes arrangements. Vahagn Babloyan has sung in many choirs. He is an author of various choral songs’ arrangements. Artur Manukyan is an author-performer of songs and arrangements. The profession of Areg Ghahramanyan is conducting. He has led a choir group of one of the most famous ensembles of Armenia.

Liparit Avetisyan is one of the leading singers of the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre and also he is a laureate of International competitions such as Concorso Internazionale di Musica Viotti, International Competition for Opera Singers “Maria Bieshu” and “Rosa Mira”.

The ensemble’s repertoire mainly consists of Armenian music which includes spiritual, folk and pearls of contemporary composers; also West European authors’ songs. The performance of composition “Ecloga VIII” by Penderecki was honored with the highest rating by a composer himself. According the program requirements, from time to time, the group is supplemented with female voices (Maria Sardaryan, Tatevik Danielyan, Narine Voskanyan). The Artistic Director of the ensemble is Merited Worker of Arts, Assistant Professor of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory Sona Hovhannisyan.

“Hover” ensemble was formed only 2 years ago, having appeared as “Armenian Voices” name, and already stirred considerable interest among music connoisseurs appearing with concerts in France: Anger, Brest, Paris, in Germany: Augsburg, in Taiwan: Taipei andNantu. It’s important to underline the successes of ensemble in Paris in the concert hall “Cite de la Music”, Brest in the concert hall “Le Quartz”, and the in the National Concert Hall of Taipei, as well as on many stages of Yerevan.

The ensemble is represented by Daktari Music agency, France.


Ani Hovakimyan

How romantic...

Ani Poghosyan

The hardships of life become easy when you sing

Aram Avetisyan

I wouldn’t sing only in one case - if everybody could sing.

Areg Ghahramanyan

Be happy!

Amalia Torosyan

Though she be but little, she is… CUTE!”

Derenik Vardumyan

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix

Arman Padaryan

During all the years that I have worked with Hover I have never had a moment of boredom.

Artur Manukyan

"Je m'en vais chercher un grand peut-être."
François Rabelais

Eleonora Asatryan

A reminder over the mirror: others are no better!

Lilit Shahnazaryan

Each of us has a light inside...keep it.

Gevorg Avetisyan

I am a flutist, and I shall never sing in any other choir but “Hover”.

Harutyun Gasparyan

Life is about being serious and art is about being joyful.

Arthur Alek Kosbekyan

Little birds can fly a long way to get to their destination.

Inga Murza

"It’s not how much we do but how much love we put in the doing."
Mother Teresa

Simon Simonyan

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

Lusine Mkrtchyan

E=mc2 after all… BUT…
This world needs lots of love and lots of children!
As for the rest – E= mc2

Kim Sargsyan

Hi, people, keep smiling!

Mikhail Tovmasyan

The best music is the morning quiet.

Narine Voskanyan

I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness.

Nelli Shishmanyan

Experiencing direct contact with music is a great chance to converse with oneself, to share the emotions that are hard to confess in words, sometimes impossible. Thus music presented to the audience becomes a small box of secrets.

Sona Hovhannisyan

My future has come.

Sona Yengibaryan

"Men have no more time to understand anything. They buy things all ready made at the shops. But there is no shop anywhere where one can buy friendship, and so men have no friends any more." The Little Prince.

Tatevik Danielyan

"There are three things that make a peson happy: love, an interesting job and an opportunity to travel."
Ivan Bunin

Edgar Varosyan

"A day without a smile is a day wasted.
Charlie Chaplin

Vahagn Babloyan

Hover is a diagnosis.

Yeva Podpomogova

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything. Irish proverb.

Henrieta Harutyunova

“Children do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Parandzem Karapetyan

“Faith is the only thing that can save a man.”
Andrey Tarkovski

  • Armenian Folk Music

    Hover Recordings, 2007

    The ancient oral tradition of Armenian music is a vibrant source of today’s living folk songs. Passed on for centuries from generation to generation, these sometimes playful, often hauntingly beautiful tunes evoke all aspects of everyday life for people living in their ancient homeland: their toils and trials, heroes and mythic figures, nature and crafts, love and longing. Armenian folk songs range in structure from straightforward, short songs to multi-voice compositions with complex harmonies. Until the 19th century, Armenian music was written in its own unique notation that differs from the standard European notation. Fr. Komitas was one of the pioneers of European notation in Armenian music. Sensitive to the distinctive beauty and richness of local variation, he took special pains to record songs preserving their authentic voice and harmonies. Inspired by the delicacy of this native art, he cultivated what the Russian scholar Yuri Tyulin has termed Armenian polyphony which is often reminiscent of Bach in its robust intricacy. The pieces included in this recording were selected for their variety, authenticity and suitability for the sound that Hover Chamber Choir has come to be known. Some lesser known pieces, performed infrequently due to their complexity, were included particularly because they were among Komitas’s own favorites. This recording was made possible by a grant from the “Flora Family Foundation, USA . The production supervision and the promotion, which will cover the whole world's leading magazines, international organizations, festivals and agencies is done by Kultur Aktiv e.V. from Germany.

  • Armenian Divine Liturgy

    Hover Recordings, 2006

    The Divine Liturgy is the most sacred worship service of the Armenian Church. Founded by two of Christ's disciples, Thaddeus and Bartholomew, the Armenian Church is the keeper of ancient apostolic traditions passed down orally through the centuries. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the chants of the Divine Liturgy were harmonized in two major choral settings. The revered Armenian churchman, folklorist and composer Fr. Komitas wrote the choral setting presented in this recording on the eve of the Armenian Genocide, to which he fell victim, adding to the poignancy of this work. Now thanks to the Flora Family Foundation (U.S.A.), we have the opportunity to hear the men of the award-winning Hover Chamber Choir of Armenia present an authentic rendition of this timeless masterpiece of Armenian music and sacred tradition. The production supervision and the promotion, which will cover the whole world's leading universities, conservatories, music colleges, international organizations, agencies is done by Kultur Aktiv e.V. from Germany.

  • De Profundis. Armenian Sacred Music

    Vem Recordings, 2006

    Armenian sacred music is an ancient and unique form of Eastern Christian culture, drawing on native Armenian musical traditions and Christian practicies dating to the missionary work of the apostles Thaddeus and Bartholomew in Armenia. Christianity became an essential part of Armenian identity in 301, when Armenia became the first nation to declare Christianity as state religion. Through the centuries, Armenian culture and Armenian music flourished in this fertile soil. The soloists on this particular CD are talented singers: Anahit Papayan and Lusine Ghazaryan.

  • The Way. Armenian Sacred Music

    feat. VEM radio, 2005

    Perhaps no other facet of Armenian spiritual worship is at once so personally accessible and yet mystically transcendent as Armenian Sacred Chant. This rich vocal discipline is rooted in the simple humanity of Armenian folk culture and the formal ritualism of Eastern Christianity. The effect produced is an open-hearted and ardent expression of worship that permeates the soul, reflecting Armenian Christian doctrine, emphasizing the individual’s relationship with his Creator through the perfect human reality of the Savior. This album presents various genres of Armenian sacred music: the sharakan (plainchant), gandz (florid chant) and tagh (ode), as well as hymns from the Divine Liturgy. In this album, traditional arrangements by the venerated composer and ethno-musicologist Komitas Vardapet (1869–1935), the staple of Armenian worship, are juxtaposed with two new arrangements by the modern Armenian composer Vaché Sharafyan, which are striking examples of the continuing vitality and energy of Armenian sacred music. http://www.vem.am

  • Vardan Aigektsi’s Six Fables

    Pomegranate Music, Boston 2003

    An original composition based on the fables of the Armenian Renaissance fabulist and monk Vardan Aigektsi (1170-1235). The music to Six Fables was written by contemporary Armenian composer Stepan Babatorosyan. Contemporary lyrics: Yuri Sahakyan.

  • Armenian Voices

    Pomegranate Music, Boston 2001

    Our first CD presenting a variety of Armenian and International repertoire. Download from http://www.cdbaby.com

  • Ludwig Bazil: Spiritual Choir Music

    Venice , Italy, 1999

    Armenian composer from Germany, Ludwig Bazil’s setting of St. Gregory of Narek’s Book of Lamentations